26 November 2016

Modernization of Canterbury and Protector Class Ship

26 November 2016

HMNZS Canterbury (photo : NZ MoD)

The Ministry of Defence of New Zealand issued a request for proposal (RFI) on the modernization of the ship limited multitasking HMNZS Canterbury (L421) and patrol vessel HMNZS Otago (P148) and HMNZS Wellington (P55), type Protector class. The purpose of the tender will be to select a supplier of new communication systems and data, which will replace the currently operated sets.

Modernization of vessels, due to their limited character, has run fast. Command of the Royal New Zealand Navy (Royal Navy of New Zealand) most likely will depend on the fact that the project was completed in 2017. The new communications system probably will be equipped for 3 patrol boat type Protector, Wellington will announce the winner before the holidays.

HMNZS Wellington (photo : RNZN)

Mounting kits efficient communication and data transmission is to raise the level of cooperation with other units at sea. Increased situational awareness is also commanding officers, who will have easier access to information collected by the devices for marine environment. The new systems will be in operation at least until mid-l. 2030, when these vessels should be withdrawn from the line.


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