21 Februari 2017

Russia Plans to Supply to Thailand Four Mi-17V5 in 2017

21 Februari 2017

Mi-17V5 of the Royal Thai Army (photo : thai defensenews)

ABU DHABI - RIA Novosti. Russia plans to supply to Thailand four military transport helicopter Mi-17V5, he told RIA Novosti on Sunday during the exhibition of arms IDEX-2017, Deputy General Director of "Rostec" Victor Kladov.

Thailand plans to use helicopters in eliminating the consequences of natural disasters and for the deployment of troops. According to the Thai military department, the helicopter has a very good performance, in addition, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain.

"The Thai side is extremely satisfied with the operation of Mi-17V5, and we have more applications for these machines, they are implemented as available budget financing, Bangkok their dozakupaet far as I know, we are talking about four cars. (In 2017 - ed)," - he said.

(RIA Novosti)

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  1. alinea terakhir apa gak salah, ini thailen bli mobil ape heli sich? kok 4 cars??
    koplak jg si bule haha!