15 Maret 2011

Comissioning of Vietnamese Gepard Frigates

15 Maret 2011

Dinh Tien Hoang frigates (all photos : zdship)

Under the flag of Vietnam

March 5 at the naval base at Cam Ranh a ceremonial raising of the national flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam aboard the frigate project "Gepard-3.9". The ship, which was named the first emperor of Vietnam, "Dinh Tien Hoang", built Zelenodolsk Plant named after Gorky. The ceremony was attended by the heads of the Ministry of National Defense of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, "Rosoboronexport", OJSC Zelenodolsk Plant. AM Gorky, as well as representatives of all the armed forces of the republic. Appreciation of the ship gave Commander Navy in Vietnam.

Contract with the Navy in Viet Nam to build two warships Project "Gepard-3.9"development Zelenodolsky PKB was signed by the name Zelenodolsk AM Gorky in December 2006.

The frigate is designed to perform tasks such as searching, tracking and control surface, underwater, air targets, conducting convoy operations and as a patrol and protect the economic zone maritime frontiers. Complete the vessel - about 2100 tons, cruising range - about 5000 miles. As a result of improvements and improvements in engine performance was achieved speed in excess of the design (21 knots instead of 18). In addition, foreign customers got a ship with more efficient engines - diesel engine (as opposed to a gas turbine).

Construction orders Project "Gepard-3.9 " opens in the history of Plant named after AM Zelenodolsky Gorky's new page in shipbuilding - the construction of ships for the friendly countries.

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