17 Maret 2011

Thailand Navy Prepare a Feasibility Study Project for the Purchase of Two Submarines

17 Maret 2011

Thailand Navy expects to buy two used Type 209 submarines (photo : Militaryphotos)

TSAMTO, March 17. Thai Navy expects to buy two used ones submarines, which cost is estimated at 6-7 billion baht (199-232 million dollars), reports the Bangkok Post.

Command of the Navy has decided to submit a plan for the country's government for approval. For this purpose a special commission that would develop a feasibility study for the project.

Detailed specifications of the submarines were not disclosed, but it is expected that the supplier will be one of the European countries, most likely in Germany. The South Korean government, for its part, last year, Thailand has proposed two German U-boat project "Type-209.

It should be noted that the command of the Navy of Thailand seeks to introduce into the fleet of submarines for over 10 years, but the program has not yet been implemented due to lack of necessary funds.

Navy Command emphasizes the importance of the acquisition of diesel-electric submarines in the current phase. The structure of Thai Navy submarines have never entered. At the same time, armed with neighboring States Navy has a large number of submarines. Moreover, a number of countries in the region have already adopted programs to modernize the submarine fleet.

Thus, the Navy of Malaysia under the signed contract in 2002, received two submarine class "Scorpene". Singapore Navy implemented a program of modernization of the two ex-Swedish submarine class "Archer." Vietnam signed an agreement with Russia on the purchase of six diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 Kilo. Indonesia, which already has two submarines, the Type-209 ", continues to seek funding sources for project procurement in the next few years, two submarines in the Republic of Korea, or Russia.

According to the Thai Navy Commander Admiral Kamtorna Fumhirana (Kamthorn Phumhiran), after the feasibility study project, the government must decide on the allocation of funds for the purchase.

This project is part of a 10-year plan for reforming the Armed Forces. The admiral also said the need of acquiring new frigates to replace the operation for 15-30 years old ships, and existing fleet must undergo repairs and upgrades.

In addition to the Navy, the training of similar proposals for modernization of weapons are command the Army and Air Force.


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