01 Maret 2011

DCI Trains the Malaysian Army

01 Maret 2011

A-109 Low Observation Helicopter of the Malaysian Army (photo : Scramble)

DCI-COFRAS announces the set-up of a tactical course on foreign equipment, which is a big first since the company's creation in 1972. DCI provides the Malaysian Army with a course on the tactical employment of helicopters by day and at night using night-vision goggles. This course is taught on the Malaysian A 109 LOH and has made it possible to apprehend the outstanding added value that helicopters contribute to joint operations, up to patrol level.

The purpose of this course, recently renewed for a foreseeable period of 3 additional years, is to lead to the integration of the airmobile dimension, at heterogeneous module level (helicopters with different or differentiated functions) into air land maneuver planning and conduct.

"Our presence alongside the Malaysian Army shows the recognition of DCI-COFRAS know-how, and ability to transfer, by adapting them, the concepts of operational use to equipment that differs from that in service in the French forces" declares General de Zuchowicz, Executive Vice-President of DCI-COFRAS.


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