21 Maret 2011

Thai Navy's LPD Launched

21 Maret 2011

RTN's LPD with hull number 791 (all photos : TAF)

Commander in Chief of Royal Thai Navy Admiral Khamthorn Pumhiran on 20 March 2011 led the launching ceremony of the Thai Navy's LPD ships at ST Marine shipyard, Singapore.

Ship which type Landing Platform Dock was built in ST Marine Singapore and will be completed as a whole at the end of 2012.

The Ship with standard displacement of 7,600 tonnes (equivalent to HMTS Chakri Naruebet) has a length of 141 m, and can carry 151 fully armed marines and two helicopters.

The mission of the ship is to carry out amphibious operations, also for transportation and logistics functions.

(Thai Armed Force)

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