29 Maret 2011

South Korea Developing Tank Protection

29 Maret 2011

K2 main battle tank (photo : Military Today)

SEOUL, (UPI) -- South Korea is developing an active protection system to defend its K-2 tanks from rockets and missiles, the country's Ministry for Defense said.

South Korea's Agency for Defense Development recently made public the image of the APS launcher, along with a 70mm system's guided rocket at a defense science and technology exhibition in Hawaii that was organized by the U.S. Pacific Command.

K2 active protection system (image : Military Review)

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration said the new system has been under development since 2006 with a budget of $36 million. The project is scheduled for completion this year.

The APS features a 3-D detection and tracking radar, a heat-detection and tracking system, a control computer, a launching system and counter rocket, the agency said.

A two-shot launcher developed for the South Korean Active Protection System (APS) protecting the K-2 main battle tank. (photo : ADD)

The agency said will only take 0.2 to 0.3 seconds for the system to detect and track anti-tank missiles and rockets fired at a tank and fire counter-rockets at incoming missiles.

The system's 70mm rocket has an image infrared and guided control system.


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