29 September 2011

AWD Simulator Contract for Kongsberg

29 September 2011

Australia’s AWD crews will train on simulators provided by Kongsberg. (photo : taskforce72)

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA ) has been awarded a Command Team Trainer Simulation Infrastructure contract under which KDA will support Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd (AWD Systems Engineer) in the delivery of this central component of the Air Warfare Destroyer Command Team Trainer (CTT).

The Simulation Infrastructure is based on Kongsberg’s PROTEUS Naval Training Technology and will provide the CTT with exercise control and a common synthetic environment for integration of the Aegis Weapon System and the other Hobart Class sensors and effectors.

The Simulation Infrastructure also provides LINK 11/16 and DIS interfaces for external joint collaborative training.

The contract is an extension of the Australian Tactical Interface (ATI) contract for the Air Warfare Destroyer signed in June 2009 between KDA and Raytheon Australia, on behalf of the AWD Alliance.


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