07 September 2011

Vietnam Receives Laguna 11.661 Integrated Simulator

07 September 2011

Laguna 11.661 integrated maine simulator (photo : i-mash)

The company "Kronshtadt" has developed and delivered to Vietnam integrated simulator "Laguna 11 661

In 2011, Navy Vietnam were supplemented by two modern frigates, such as "Gepard-3.9", built by JSC "Zelenodolsk Plant. AM Gorky," the project of "Zelenodolsk design bureau."

To prepare the crews of these ships was established integrated simulator "Laguna 11 661", which was developed and put the company "Kronshtadt," group company "Transas". Integrated simulator "Laguna 11 661" is designed to train crews and the crews of the frigate "Gepard-3.9" (based on the patrol vessel project 11661) of navigation, navigational safety of navigation and ship management for combat use and operation of rocket and artillery, mine, radio arms control and operation of the main power plant, power systems and spacecraft systems and provide general ship takeoff / landing ship helicopter.

At this simulator can carry out all types of training - both theoretical and practical training, group training, and complex, control and record-teaching, testing organization and combat coordination of crews.

The class equipped with modern interactive educational technology (photo : rnd-cnews)

The simulator is placed in a separate building and includes:

- central office leadership training, has workstations for three instructors and equipped with various control systems for software and hardware of the simulator and course of the educational process, including video surveillance system for the classrooms;

- navigation and control module, representing a full-scale mock-ship wheelhouse with a system simulation environment with a visual field of view 270 degrees;

- main command post, simulating combat arms ship control stations, means targeting, battle management information systems, electronic warfare and passive jamming;

- room service radio stations, including replicas of light air and surface situation;

- electromechanical module that simulates the space ship's office of energy and vitality, power, local control station, the main power plant;

- start command post equipped with a system simulation environment with a visual field of view 90 degrees and provides for practice of interaction with a helicopter deck;

- mock artillery tower complex AK-176 and ring sight guns AK-630M system simulation environment with a visual field of view 90 degrees;

- class of the problem and the results of parsing exercises, equipped with modern interactive educational technology. A distinctive feature of simulators series "Laguna" is the widespread use of existing hardware designs and a single simulation environment.

According to the results of acceptance tests simulator was praised by the faculty of the Naval Academy, the crews of the frigates Vietnamese "Gepard-3.9" command and the Navy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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