28 September 2011

Upgraded BTR-82-A Armored Personnel Carrier Hits Targets at Speed

28 September 2011

BTR-82A Armored Personnel Carrier (photo : Army News)

Experts from the Arzamas Engineering Plant have unveiled their brand-new Tigr-6A armored truck and BTR-82-A armored personnel carrier.

Gaz 2330 Tigr-6A (photo : Oplatsen)

The developers say the revamped Tigr-6A armored vehicle is the largest Russian-made off-road vehicle to date. Although the Tigr-6A was designed in 2010, the Russian Army has yet to adopt it. This vehicle features double-layer special-steel armor and additional Kevlar-type protection against fragmentation munitions.

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The BTR-82 and BTR-82A are an upgraded version of the BTR-80 and BTR-80A wheeled armored vehicles. The BTR-82 wheeled armored vehicle features energy absorbing structures, a more powerful diesel engine developing 300-hp of power, crew and passengers special suspension seats, a sophisticated fire suppression system, reinforced floor protection against mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), higher rate of firepower, improved ballistic protection, command, increased survivability by 20 percent, reliability and mobility. All in, the new wheeled armored vehicles results heavier than its predecessors. In December 2008, Russia's Military Industrial Company (MIC) was already testing the prototypes which were unveiled in December 2009. In April 2010 MIC was marketing the BTR-82 and BTR-82A as a modernization program for existing BTR-80 operators.

The BTR-82 firepower has been enhanced installing an unified fighting module with electric drive and two stabilized arms with the main gun either a 14.5mm (BTR-82) or a 2A72 30mm (BTR-82A) cannon and the 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. The primary gun ammo feed system has been modified replacing the 10 50-round boxes by a single 500-round box eliminating the need of switching the ammunition box once the rounds have been fired. The gunner gets a new stabilized fire control system TKN-4. In addition to the new engine, the BTR-82 is also fitted with a new transmission components and suspension allowing an increased average speed in rough terrain. The vehicle command system is equipped with advanced communications, topographic maps and a surveillance camera (TKN-AI) for the vehicle's commander. Besides, the BTR-82 can be equipped with turrets and other equipment from third party vendors following the customers requirements.

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