24 September 2011

Terma and DCNS have Developed a Fully Automatic Anti-Torpedo Decoy System

24 September 2011

A fully automatic decoy system will protect ships against torpedoes attacks (image : Defpro)

At the Defense & Security Equipment International exhibition Terma and DCNS announced that their technical cooperation has resulted in an important improvement for ships with a need for protection against torpedoes.

Terma and DCNS have developed a fully automatic anti-torpedo decoy system.

The system uses the Terma 130mm Soft Kill Weapon System (SKWS) to fire DCNS CANTO-V anti-torpedo decoy. The SKWS upgrade for twin AAW and ASW purpose use the jointly developed software with advanced algorithm (embedding DCNS CONTRALTO-V reaction software) to support fully automatic firing. This provides the ship with an effective protection against torpedoes attacks. The decoys will be placed in the water in the best way to confuse the torpedo together with ship evasive manoeuvres proposal.

With advanced algorithms, this system will provide the best firing solution and protection of all types of ships against torpedo attack.


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Terma SKWS Decoy Launching System

Terma SKWS decoy launchers (photo : Terma)

The anti-ship missile threats continue to increase and evolve. New missiles are faster, stealthier, more manoeuvrable, and increasingly more intelligent with regard to target discriminationand electronic counter-countermeasure functionality, adevelopment leaving recent generations of hard- and soft kill systems less effective.

The use of hard-kill is further limited with the increasing peacekeeping and controlling activities in littoral waters where the release of weapons frequently is bound by strict engagement rules, but also requiring fast reaction time calling for a high degree of automation. In this situation, soft-kill i.e. decoysystems, have come to be seen as the non-aggressive self defence solution, a weapon of least regret.

Decoy systems are today fitted to all naval war vessels rangingfrom fast attack crafts, mine warfare vessels, frigates to evenbigger units as LPD’s as a key element in their electronic warfare suites. Integrated with the ship EW and Radar sensor assets the decoy system will provide fast and intelligent firing of all types ofoff-board decoys.

For high value and larger units, the advent of Active Offboard decoys provide improved defence. A further extension of thedecoy launching system is to fire acoustic decoys as part of theship’s torpedo defence suite.

The Terma SKWS Decoy Launching System is designed to fulfil allthese requirements.

Terma SKWS is a modern decoy launching system that can fire all existing 130 mm decoys – also known as SeaGnat decoys. The system is based on two Terma DL-6T launchers for small vesselsor two Terma DL-12T launchers for larger vessels, one for port andone for starboard mounting. The system may be expanded tocontrol up to 24 firing tubes on each side of the ship. The Terma launcher is designed to provide 360 degrees coverage against attacking anti ship missiles. This is obtained by carefully positioning a decoy from one of the multi-angular launchers.

The key system features include:
- Lightweight launchers with small footprint
- Low pressure deck mounts
- Effective 360° horizontal coverage
- Advanced launch algorithms
- Fully automated operation
- Support of all SeaGnat type decoys
- Support of SIREN Active Jammer Decoy
- High flexibility and easy integration of user defined algorithms and libraries

The 130 mm decoy ammunition is supported throughout NATO and around the world with more than 500 systems in service. The high number of systems in service has promoted a continuous development of decoys from different and competing sources. Currently the following types of decoys are available and supported by Terma SKWS:

- Seduction Chaff: SeaGnat 214
- Distraction/Confusion Chaff: SeaGnat 216 / PW216
- Infrared Rounds: PIRATE / GIANT (MK245 and DM19A1) / TALOS
- Dual Mode (RF and IR) decoys: Chimera and Bullfighter
- Offboard Active Decoy: SIREN
- Torpedo Decoys: LEAD MK12, MK13, MK14, MK15, and LESCUT

For full support of:
- SIREN Active Offboard Decoy
- PW 216 Distraction Chaff with automatic range programming an upgrade kit needs to be installed.


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