12 Juli 2012

Australia will Spend 153 billion dollars on Military Purchases for Four Years

12 Juli 2012

Worth approximately $153 billion AUD contains 111 projects, or phases of projects, as 2012 Defence Capability Plan (photo : US Navy)

The Ministry of Defence of Australia announced its intention to allocate 153 billion Australian dollars (155.5 billion U.S. dollars) to purchase arms and military equipment over the next four years. This was reported in the press release agency.

According to the plan for the 2013-2016 years, the Australian Defense Department intends to allocate money for 111 projects. They will include the modernization of half of the 24 F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jets to the level of EA-18G Growler. The project cost is estimated at two billion dollars.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (photo : Defense Industry Daily)

As part of the procurement program to Australia in 2018 expects to receive eight patrol aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon worth three to five billion dollars. In addition to the patrol aircraft is planned to purchase high-altitude reconnaissance drone seven total value of two to three billion. Their delivery is to be completed in the period from 2015 to 2018.

It is also Australia intends to buy up to 100 Lockheed Martin Advanced F-35 Lightning II cost about $ 10 billion. However, the possible purchase of aircraft is unknown. The first squadron of Australia can get to 2019.

M777 155mm light weight towed howitzer (photo : Army Recognition)

The government would axe a $225 million contract to buy 18 South Korean-made self-propelled howitzers, because of an order for additional M777A2 155mm towed artillery. (photo : Army Recognition)

Australia plans to fill two batteries of howitzers M777A2 155 mm (in all probability, it is about 12 guns and spare parts for them). Previously, the Defense Ministry and the country was going to buy two batteries of self-propelled howitzer 155 mm, but the funding for this project has been postponed.

ADF's M1A1 Abrams MBT  (photo : defencetalk)

As noted by Jane's, an Australian defense department was going to upgrade the 59 billion dollar tanks, M1A1 Abrams, as well as ground-based air defense for a total of half-billion dollars. The intention to complete these projects over the next four years on the Defense Ministry website is not reported.

Collins class submarine (photo : Naval Technology)

Previously, it was also reported plans to allocate 40 billion Australian dollars to build 12 new submarines, which will replace the submarines of the type "Collins." The project will last 30 years.

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