13 Juli 2012

Goodrich Taps Skypaq for Australia Spy Pod Efforts

13 Juli 2012

Goodrich DB-110 surveillance pod (image : Defense Update)

Goodrich has appointed Australia's Sypaq to represent and provide programme management for its efforts to supply DB-110 surveillance pods to the Royal Australian Air Force.

Goodrich made the announcement that the RAAF had expressed interest in obtaining four to six examples of the pod for use on its Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft after a ceremony with Skypaq at its chalet.

Goodrich DB-110 (photo : pakdef)

Goodrich says Canberra could make a decision to obtain the DB-110 system within the next two years.

The DB-110 comprises a pod containing a long-range, dual-band electro-optical/infrared sensor. The pod can be mounted on fighter aircraft, business jets, and large UAVs.

Ten countries use the DB-110, and the system has served in both Afghanistan and Libya.

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