25 April 2014

Belarusian BTR-50PKM Upgrade Offered for Asian Market

25 April 2014

Belarusian BTR-50PKM upgrade (all photos : Minotor Service)

Belarusian armoured vehicle repair, servicing, and upgrade company Minotor-Service presented several of its latest design concepts and modernisation packages at this year's DSA exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

Among those with possible potential in the Asia-Pacific market is an upgrade package for the BTR-50 amphibious armoured personnel carrier (APC), which is still in service with Indonesia. Company marketing specialists state the upgrade package will significantly extend the life of these vehicles while at the same time making them compatible with more contemporary vehicles.

The design concept of the upgraded vehicle, which is designated BTR-50PKM, is to replace its engine, gearbox, brake and control linkages, while at the same time not increasing its weight or altering its centre of gravity.


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