02 April 2014

Something Special on 3rd DHC-6 Vietnamese Seaplane

02 April 2014

3rd Vietnamese DHC-6 Seaplane (photo : twinotterspotter)

The seaplane Canada DHC-6 3rd for Vietnam to develop novel design has just completed the first flight of the journey to Vietnam.

According to information recently twinotterspotter.blogspot.com website, the DHC-6 3rd of Vietnam has just finished flight lasted 7 hours 46 minutes from Victoria (Canada) to Anchorage (Alaska, USA), according to "TTT" .

According to the plan, and if the weather is favorable, the DHC-6 3rd flight will continue over Russia in Taipei and the last stop is the airport Cam Ranh, Vietnam. This is the same flight path as the DHC-6-2's first Vietnam People's Navy.

The 3rd DHC-6 of Vietnam in Anchorage, Alaska (photo : twinotterspotter)

According to the Canadian side information is disclosed, the DHC-6 3rd Vietnam is equipped with a special rolling door manufacturing company Skydive Door. The equipment and this door makes it easy to store in the transportation of goods as well as military parachute drop.

This is extremely meaningful to Navy Vietnam when present, the supplies to the islands in the Spratlys to use slow-speed ships.

Thus, up to now the Vietnam People's Navy had 3 DHC-6 versions are different, the DHC-6 is merely the first passenger aircraft, a DHC-6 No. 2 is equipped with radar under the nose to perform specialized tasks patrol the water and the 3rd DHC-6 is equipped with shutters to specialized freight task.

The close up photo below depicts both the Ikhana roll-up Skydive Door installation, and the ferry tank barrels that have been installed for the delivery flight. (photo : twinotterspotter)

So in total 6 units DHC-6 that Vietnam ordered, in addition to the first 3 was designed with three different strengths as mentioned above, the remaining 3 will be equipped with the configuration system, set been serving the marine patrol.

Although newly received and put into operation not long, but seaplanes DHC-6 Twin Otter is proving to be the role and performance have very high performance in Navy Vietnam, typically in the task search and rescue aircraft for aircraft passenger of Malaysia MH-370 crashed.

And especially when the milestone date 19/3 seaplane  DHC-6 VNT-777 of the Air Force-Navy first passenger and goods and supplies from the mainland landing Full Changsha airport, opens a new era in aviation demand set by seaplane land connection with the sea, off-shore islands.


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