15 April 2014

Malaysia Interested in Bunker Ammo

15 April 2014

M141 bunker defeat munition (BDM) (photo : imfdb)

Nordic ammunition company, Nammo, is preparing to demonstrate the M141 bunker defeat munition (BDM) to the Malaysian military.

A spokesperson from Nammo told Shephard that they are in the process of proposing and conducting a firing demonstration for Malaysia’s Army Infantry Brigade.

‘The scheduled and demo content are being discussed with the users at DSA,’ the spokesperson said.

It would be a new capability for the Malaysian forces, with the spokesperson adding that their interest ‘comes from briefings to the commanders and seeing how effective BDM is for US combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan’.

Nammo’s M141 BDM is a single shot disposable system for use against field fortifications, urban structures and light armoured vehicles. It counters these targets using a high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) rocket packaged in a light weight rugged disposable launcher.

Each round has a fuse that automatically selects the proper detonation mode against soft or hard targets. In the former the fuse delays the warhead detonation until it is embedded in the target and against the latter it detonates on impact.

According to the company, the round can breach 20cm reinforced concrete walls and 30cm triple brick walls as well as destroying earth, timber structures and lightly armoured vehicles.

Nammo said the launcher has brackets to mount the AN/PVS-4 night sight, the AN/PAQ-4 or AN/PEQ-2 laser designators or other devices that can attach to rails.

The M72 light anti-tank weapon has already been delivered by Nammo in Norway to Malaysia along with all ammunition with the exception of BDM. Malaysia has also taken delivery of the M72 ASM RC (anti-structure munition reduced calibre).

The spokesperson said the most recent deliveries to Malaysian forces took place within about six months.

‘They have a long term plan to buy M72 for training and inventory and add future improved variants as they become available,’ the spokesperson added.

Nammo has also supplied 12.7 mm; 25 mm; 7.62 mm sniper rounds; and 57 mm rounds.


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