30 April 2014

MLRS of the Myanmar at Anawyahtar Exercise 2014

30 April 2014

 Type 90B MLRS (photo : MDW)

Myanmar Defence Weapons published data on the state of the defense capability of the army of Burma (Myanmar). They pointed out that in recent years the Burmese army's defense budget increases. In this article we will focus on the state of the rocket artillery southeastern state.

2014 is significant for the armed forces of Burma. One of the newly acquired 1995 types of weapons, demonstrated during a military exercise Anawyahtar, was fighting machine Type 81 MLRS calibre 122mm at a range of 8 to 20 km, with the ability to launch 40 rounds singly or a burst sequence.

Type 81 122mm MLRS (photo : MDW)

Burma army has modernized combat vehicles are Type 81. Combat vehicle Type 81 is a Chinese version of the Russian war machine BM-21 field rocket system (MLRS "Grad"). Due to the works to modernize the opportunity to carry out firing rockets 122mm at a range of 8 to 30 km.

Also, the Burma Army has North Korean combat vehicles M-1985 to launch up to 12 rockets caliber 240 mm in one salvo and Chinese fighting vehicles Type 90B to start rocket calibre 122mm.

M-1985 240mm MLRS (photo : KBS)

According to military sources, combat vehicles M-1985 deployed on the Burmese army bases in northern, eastern and central parts of the country.

According to some sources, at least 14 units of multiple rocket launchers for launching rockets caliber 240 mm were taken on board of North Korean ship Kang Nam I in 2008 in the port Tkhilava (Thilawa), located near Yangon (Rangoon). Some reports have indicated that Burma purchased 30 units MRLS of North Korea for launching rockets caliber 240 mm.

Anawyahtar Exercise 2014 (photo : MAC)

Based on reports from military experts Burma Maung Aung Moe (Maung Aung Myoe) and Celso Andrew (Andrew Selth), purchase of multiple launch rocket systems is part of the military modernization planned representatives of the junta. Purchasing of Type 63 towed rocket launchers from China to launch 107 mm rocket and fighting vehicles Type 90 to lauch rocket 122mm. North Korea has provided combat vehicles on truck chassis to start rockets caliber 240 mm.


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