19 April 2014

Malaysia's SMEO in Talks with Philippines Over M-4 Carbine Deal

19 April 2014

M-4 carbine (photo : Colt)

Malaysia's SME Ordnance (SMEO), a subsidiary of the NADI group, is in talks with the Philippines' Government Arsenal on a joint venture over SMEO's licenced-built M-4 in order to meet the Armed Forces of the Philippines' requirements for the carbine.

Colt has licenced SMEO to manufacture the M-4 for domestic use and for ASEAN countries already using the weapon.

General Mohd Sharom (rtd), NADI's Executive Director Defense & Business Development, told IHS Jane's at DSA 2014 that discussions were at an advanced stage and the joint venture would include the Government Arsenal manufacturing magazines of the M-4s to be produced for the Philippines.


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