17 Desember 2014

HQ-184 Haiphong Submarine on the Way to Vietnam

17 Desember 2014

HQ-184 Haiphong of the Vietnamese People's Navy (all photos : BaoDatViet)

Russian-made submarine Project 636.1 HQ-184 Haiphong for Vietnam has officially hit the road on Monday 11/12.

Interfax-AVN news agency said, third Kilo submarines HQ-184 Haiphong in Vietnam were taken on board the transport ROLLDOCK STAR of Dutch and begin the journey of Cam Ranh Bay from Monday 11/12.

HQ-184 submarine was taken in Hai Phong port Verfi Admiralty factory when the ship was about to be brought on board to transport ROLLDOCK STAR journey home.

As usual, shipbuilders ROLLDOCK Dutch continued to be both Russia and Vietnam to trust the charterer 3/6 the submarine Kilo first home.

HQ-184 submarine Haiphong being towed by two tugs, prior to loading onto ships ROLLDOCK STAR.

ROLLDOCK STAR freighters unloading success HQ-184 submarine Haiphong up on board, start making the journey lasts longer than one month to the Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam.


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