12 Desember 2014

Vietnam Received Two More Su-30MK2

12 Desember 2014

Vietnam has received 2 more sophisticated fighter Su-30MK2 late last November. (photo : BaoDatViet)

According to the magazine analyzed the global arms trade TSAMTO Russia, Vietnam Air Force has received two additional combat aircraft Su-30MK2 multi-functional new company by production of Russian Sukhoi aircraft manufacturing. Here are two Su-30MK2 first Russian handed over to Vietnam within the framework of a contract to buy 12 aircraft of this type, with a total estimated value of $ 600 million was signed in January 8/2013.

The source, two Su-30MK2 Vietnam newly received late last November, and according to plan, by the end of this December, Russia will continue to provide Vietnam 2 Su-30MK2 aircraft next to complete the plan in 2014. The eight remaining aircraft are planned to complete the supply in 2015.

Vietnam has actively buying the versatile fighters from Russia in the 1990s after a long period of decline in the field of military technical cooperation bilaterally. In 1995, Vietnam has ordered the first batch of Russian 6 Su-27 (5 Su-27SK and Su-27UBK) worth $ 150 million. In early 1997, Hanoi continued to purchase the second batch (5 Su-27SK and 1 Su-27UBK).

12/2003, the Group arms exporter Rosoboronexport signed a contract to supply more of Vietnam's Su-30MK aircraft 4 - version be converted to suit the requirements of the Air Force Vietnam. The handover was completed in 2004, along with the cost of purchased components, spare parts and other weapons needed up to $ 120 million.

In early 2009, Vietnam to sign a contract to buy Su-30MK2 8 worth about $ 400 million (without weapons) and to 2/2010, Hanoi continues next contract worth $ 1 billion to buy 12 Su-30MK2V equipped with weapons and spare parts for aircraft purchase Lot 8, 2009.

Thus, up to this point, the Air Force Vietnam was equipped with 26 combat aircraft versatile, modern Su-30MK2. After 2015, this figure will rise to 36 units. Su-30MK2 become the fighter most versatile and most modern in the payroll of the Vietnam Air Force. The new aircraft after receiving training and mastery, will significantly enhance their power unsuccessful against the land and sea for our troops.


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