18 Desember 2014

PN Needs Diesel Electric Submarines for Maritime Deterrence

18 Desember 2014

Philippines needs between three to six diesel electric submarine (photo : HDW)

MANILA (PNA) -- The country needs modern and up-to-date diesel electric submarines for maritime deterrence.

"We need submarines for deterrence," Rear Admiral Caesar C. Taccad, Navy vice commander, said Wednesday at the Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization briefing.

However, Taccad clarified that developing a submarine capability requires a long gestation period in order to develop support facilities and the people and technology of operating such a force.

"A rule of thumb is that 10 years is needed to develop such a force," Taccad stressed.

He added that the PN has already started its submarine development studies some three or two years ago.

"Actually, we forced a submarine office in the Philippine Fleet," the PN vice commander said.

Taccad also said that the PN can afford to acquire and operate its own diesel electric submarines.

"If we can afford two frigates that is worth around Php18 billion, we can procure a submarine," he disclosed.

Military studies revealed that the Philippines needs between three to six diesel electric submarines to fully secure its maritime domain. 


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