08 Desember 2014

Vietnam Navy Shows Guided Rocket Anti-Landing

08 Desember 2014

EXTRA guided rocket used for anti-landing/shore protection by Vietnamese Navy (all photos : BaoMoi)

Vietnam Navy unveiled the 'killer' anti-landing

Vietnam Defense Channel just released report on the work of master new weapons in Vietnam, including EXTRA Israeli missile production.

EXTRA is a co-production between Israel Military Industries Company and its MLM division of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).

EXTRA has a range of 150 km, the weight of 450 kg missile, circular error probability (CEP) of about 10 m, weight 450 kg reporters. Meanwhile, 155 mm artillery shells American standards CEP is believed to be in the range of 200-300 m much more modest.

Missile EXTRA 30 cm diameter, length 3, 97m similar projectile system M270 MLRS rocket range of US.

EXTRA rocket engine using solid fuel, besides the warhead of the missile is designed in a modular and capable of carrying various types of warheads: powerful warhead or warheads beam.

The missile is equipped with inertial guidance systems based on GPS and its use IAI discovered a gas engine to adjust orbit.

Data is loaded into the target before launch rockets, rocket launchers after self control and fly to the target. EXTRA capable of launching from vehicles bearing, assembled in clusters of 2 to 16 tubes to release results from the ground.

Cluster tubes can be mounted on trucks or in highly mobile battlefield fixed. EXTRA bullet to the airtight container should have a long life and low maintenance costs.

With the advantages mentioned above, EXTRA very suitable to equip the army artillery, rockets coast of Vietnam People's Navy. EXTRA may be appropriate layout on the island with an area as small as a few floating islands of the Spratly Islands in Vietnam.

UAS Orbiter for maritime surveillance (photo : BaoMoi)

EXTRA Still can not match the type of anti-ship missiles coast by using inertial guidance systems combine GPS and error circle around 10m but is considered appropriate in the fight landed on the island and the shore the sea. 

Besides, capital EXTRA compact and does not require the type of radar equipment comes as the result firing missiles shore up the layout very easy on the island, especially when the floating islands in the Spratly archipelago covers small so hard to arrange the banks of conventional missiles.


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