24 Maret 2016

C-130H Hercules Full-Flight Mission Simulator Removal

24 Maret 2016

RAAF C-130H Hercules Full-Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) (all photos : Aus DoD)

From 9-11 March 2016, the C-130H Hercules Full-Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) was removed from No 285 Squadron (285SQN) at RAAF Base Richmond, and prepared for transport to its new home in Indonesia.

The simulator is part of a sale of five C-130H Hercules from Australia to the Indonesian Air Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara, or TNI-AU), which is already receiving another four C-130H being transferred from the Royal Australian Air Force. 

The RAAF operated a fleet of 12 C-130H Hercules from 1978 until 2012, and initially used a basic cockpit simulator until 2000, when the C-130H FFMS was installed at 285SQN. 

The C-130H FFMS was essential to the training and proficiency of RAAF C-130H crews, including Pilots, Flight Engineers, and Navigators, and allowed them to also practice a range of mission scenarios and other airborne operation roles.

(Aus DoD)

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  1. mudah-mudahan dengan kedatangan simulator ini bisa mengurangi angka kecelakaan yang suka menimpa anak Zeus di Indonesia