30 Maret 2016

Vietnam Received Two New Tugboat TK600

29 Maret 2016

Two tugboat TK600. (photos : BaoDatViet)

Morning 28/3, Company Hai Ming (Factory X51) has handed over two tugs TK600 for the Navy.

This is the second vessel stationed in the third and Plant Shipbuilding X51 project of the Management Board of Public Works Changsha (Navy). TK600 first ship bearing number 982 was handed over to the Navy in 2013.

Before being handed over to the Navy, dated 10.23.2015, the Company Minh Hai has launched two tugs ceremony TK600-02 and TK600-03.

TK600 is a form of vessel towing tug boats docked and floating facilities at the naval base; sent ships, floating facilities for repair.

In addition, the ship can also be used to rescue remedial disasters, search and rescue coast and other tasks.

Boats by the Institute of Naval Engineering design with two engines, two propellers and hybrid 2 major electricity generators. 22 m long, 6 m wide, 160 tons of water relaxation, maximum speed 10 knots / h.

TK600 is equipped with central air conditioning system with the rescue equipment, marine modern synchronized information to ensure independent operation 10 consecutive days and nights at sea.

According to Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Trai, Deputy Director of Minh Hai, after putting into operation, these units will contribute TK600 reduce difficulties in rescue work to overcome consequences of natural disasters, search and rescue, reduce least damage to people and property when disaster occurs.

Reportedly, the company Hai Minh has successfully closed several ships of good quality and stable performance.

In late 2013, in Hanoi, Hai Minh Company and Coast Guard Command has organized the newbuilding contract Reconnaissance 500CV (symbol designed TS-500CV).

At the signing ceremony, the two sides discussed the terms of the contract and agreed to sign the minutes of the newbuilding contracts TS-500CV reconnaissance units 1, to ensure compliance with prescribed procedures.

This type of ship steel casing, which functions and tasks are: reconnaissance, maritime law enforcement; fishing, seafood, combining economic activities and other tasks assigned to them.


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