04 Maret 2016

Marson Receiving Order for Five M21 Boats

04 Maret 2016

Marsun M21 patrol boats has length 21,4 meters (photo : TAF, Marsun)

RTN to sign order with Marsun for another 5 M21 patrol boats.

Pathavin Jongvisan, manager at Marsun Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. speak to ThaiArmedForce.com at Ship Tech 3 that his company will sign the contract with RTN for another 5 M21 Patrol Boats.

Up the number of M21 order to 14 boats and totally number of Marsun-build patrol boat for RTN will be 15.

M21 has a displacement of 43 tons and equipped with 1 x 20 mm machine gun and 1 x .50 inch machine gun with 81 mm mortar.


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