15 Maret 2016

Ukraine Delivered the Next Batch of the BTR-3E1 APC for Royal Thai Army

15 Maret 2016

BTR-3E1 Armoured Personnel Carriers of the Royal Thai Army (photo : military informant)

Ukraine delivered the next batch of the BTR-3E1 Armoured Personnel Carriers for Royal Thai Army, reported military-informant.com.

The production of Ukrainian BTR-3E1 Armoured Personnel Carriers has proceeded according to plans, and now the next vehicles are ready for delivery to Thailand. On February 22, 2016 at the Kyiv Armored Plant carried out the transfer of armored personnel carriers BTR-3E1 foreign customers according to the intergovernmental contract between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Thailand.

The BTR-3E1, having been developed at Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau and being produced at Kyiv Armored Plant.

Reminding that the contracts in 2007 and 2011 to be delivered to Thailand total 233 BTR-3E1 and machines based on them, of which in 2010-2013 were shipped, according to different sources, from 142 to 153 units.

(DefenseNews Alert)

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  1. Sekali lagi negara tanpa basa basi dalam hal alutsista. Memang kontrak lama tapi nyatanya ukraina sanggup.dan jumlah kontrak pengadaanya g main2. Kmrn kita mau pengadaan btr 4 ukraina batal. Negara sangat mudah di atur, pengadaan selalu ngetengan dan gado2.