10 Maret 2016

PT PAL Targets September 2016 Completion of Submarine-Building Facility

10 Maret 2016

The submarine-building facility under construction on PT PAL's premises in Surabaya as of March 2016. (photo : Jane's)

A plant for constructing submarines is being built at PT PAL's premises in Surabaya, where work on the complex is scheduled to complete by September 2016, the company's executives told IHS Jane's on 8 March during a tour of the shipyard.

"Construction of the third Chang Bogo-class submarine is scheduled to begin from October 2016 at this facility," said Tjahjono Yudo, PT PAL's general manager of corporate strategic planning.

The plant's set-up has been designed to mimic Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering's (DSME's) facility in South Korea, he said. He added that PT PAL personnel are currently in Okpo to understudy the construction of the first two boats.


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  1. Oohh jadi ini toh gara gara hull kasel chang bogo dikirimnya jadi mundur...
    Ini hullnya sistem modular juga kan?
    Lamir juga nunggunya sampe kesemutan nih.