14 Maret 2016

Indra Upgrade Papua New Guineas Air Traffic Management Systems

14 Maret 2016

This technology will allow PNG to significantly reinforce security in its airspace (photo : Indra)

In an international public tendering process, the PNG Navigation Service Corporation in Papua New Guinea has awarded Indra the contract to supply of a system of secondary radar and to upgrade an HF communications system. The catalog price of these systems is around 16 million euros.

The new secondary radio will be installed in the vicinity of the capital Port Moresby, replacing the one used by the corporation until now.

The company will also install a new dual high-frequency radio station in Nadzab to improve the clarity and scope of airspace communications.

This technology will allow PNG to significantly reinforce security in its airspace and improve the efficiency of the service it provides to the airlines.

The project is part of an infrastructure modernization program in PNG. The contract awarded to Indra will be financed by the Asian Development Bank and managed by the Civil Aviation and Development Infrastructures Program in partnership with PNG.

Indra has successfully completed more than 4,000 air traffic management installations in 160 countries. The company has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has offices in Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India.

Indra is today one of the main suppliers of navigation service provider systems in the region. It has implemented important projects in countries such as Australia, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and India, among other countries


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