07 Maret 2016

Royal Thai Navy Wants to Buy 24 DCNS Torpedo Decoy

07 Maret 2016

DCNS CANTO-V anti torpedo decoy (photos : DCNS, Terma) 

Refer to SupplyOnline, Royal Thai Navy to order DCNS CANTO-V anti-torpedo decoy system to be used on decoy Terma 130 mm Soft Kill Weapon System (SKWS) or a trade name Terma's C-Guard Soft-Kill Weapon System.

Terma's C-Guard decoy system used launcher with 130mm NATO standard size. 6 tubes per one shot system, with both facing the same fire hoses and fire hoses turned alternately. The Navy ordered 24 shots equal to 4 system (4 x 6 = 24) in the match's 6.56 million baht.

DCNS CANTO-V anti-torpedo decoy system is the next step in a new generation of decoy for RTN's fleet. We will also see DCNS CANTO-V anti-torpedo decoy aboard of the new frigate built by South Korea.

CANTO-V Torpedo Countermeasures for Surface Vessels, has been specially developed to counter the latest generation torpedoes. New torpedoes can reach speeds of over 50 knots with a range of more than 50 km. They can classify countermeasures and carry out multi tracking. These features coupled with fiber optic wire guidance, make all protection systems ineffective.

CANTO-V system is integrated with the combat system. Once an attacking torpedo is detected its defined when and where to deploy the countermeasure and calculates the most appropriate evasive manouvre depending on the tactical situation.

Salvoes CANTO countermeasue are deployed. CANTO is a wideband acoustic transmitter. It saturates the torpedo's processing capacity by creating a large number of regularly regenerated, false acoustic targets. 

This dilution and confussion effect is the only efficient means for countering new generation heavyweight torpedoes. The acoustic cloud created by the CANTO countermeasures disturbs the torpedo in few seconds. The torpedo attacks false targets until its end of life. At the same time, the evasive maouvre allows the ship to leave the area in complete safety.

(Defense Studies)

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