04 November 2016

CHO, DTI, and ST Kinetics Aim for Joint APC Development

04 November 2016

CHO, DTI and ST Kinetics to develop APC 8x8 with amphibious capability (photo : DTI)

Infoquest report that CHO has signed the MoU with ST Kinetics to develop the 8x8 armoured personnel carrier with amphibious capability. MGR Online also report that CHO received an order from Defense Technology Institute of the Thai ministry of defense to develop the 8x8 APC prototype at the cost of 70 mil THB to be delivered in 360 day.

DTI also signed MoU with Royal Thai Navy to develop the 8x8 amphibious vehicle aim to replace the AAV and has DTI 8x8 Black Widow Spider undergoing the test and evaluation at the Royal Thai Army.

The DTI has ever offered in a 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle prototype DTI 8x8 Black Widow Spider to the Army to consider. Currently, tests are being evaluated and may be mounted with turret. 

Earlier last year, has signed with the Navy to develop a 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles for the mission of the Marine Corps. This could replace the AAV in the future, on the other side of ST Kinetics developed armored wheeled 8x8 model Terrex 2 and has been chosen as one of two vehicles who had been promised were initially to compete in the supply of wheeled armored vehicles of the US Marines.


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