02 November 2016

The Service Center in Vietnam will be Able to Repair the Helicopter Mi-17

02 November 2016

Helicopters Mi was overhauled in Helitechco. (photo : Helitechco)

Zhuhai / TASS /. Holding "Helicopters of Russia" (part of the state corporation "Rostec") conducted an audit of the Vietnamese enterprise Helitechco and gave him the right to repair helicopters Mi-17 civil. About this in an interview with Tass, Deputy General Director of the holding after-sales service, Igor Czeczik.

"Already there are such centers, especially in Vietnam - it is our joint venture Helitechco In September we held his audit, and the center has received the right to maintenance of Mi-17 civil purposes is also discussing the possibility of repairing military helicopters on the basis of the center.. "- Czeczik said.

According to him, the negotiations are under way with several other countries in the region, but they are still at an early stage.

Joint Russian-Vietnamese repairer Helitechco there since 1994. During this time, it was repaired more than 80 helicopters, civil government and commercial operators from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Australia and New Zealand.


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