07 Oktober 2017

Myanmar Air Force Received the First Modernized Mi-35P Helicopter

07 Oktober 2017

Mi-35P of the Myanmar Air Force (photo : YMN)

Myanmar Air Force Mi-35P Attack Helicopters was upgraded with new TV/FLIR Electro-Optic. Russian Helicopters was repairing four Myanmarese Mi-35Ps since 2016. Image published in Social Media Online demonstrates Mil Mi-35P attack helicopter (Mi-24P NATO export model defines Hind-F code) of Myanmar Air Force (Tatmadaw Lay) has been caught. 

Set camera TV/FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) at the bottom of the head. Which is probably the camera Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) of the GOES-342 (OPS-24N) family of new Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant Russia or Controp DSP-HD of Israel.

This TV/FLIR camera has been installed to improve the standard Mi-24PN Russian attack helicopter. It is equipped with the latest Mi-35M export helicopter that has been procured in many countries around the world.

As it was reported earlier, in mid 2016. The company Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Rostec Enterprises Defence Industry of the Russian Government signed a contract for maintenance of attack helicopters Mi-35P of the Myanmar Air Force.

On 4 units helicopters, one machine operator repair service in Saint Petersburg, Russia, while 3 other repair companies in Myanmar, with Russian experts from Russian Helicopters named Nick Park.

Images depicted in the above indicates that one of the Mi-35P attack helicopter of Myanmar Air Force has been upgraded with TV/FLIR. The Mi-35P is closely aligned with the Senegal Air Force, two cameras have been upgraded to the Controp DSP-HD camera in 2016.

Controp DSP-HD high performance EO/IR (photo : Controp)

The Myanmar Army ordered the supply of Mi-35P helicopters from Russia in December 2009 as part of a $ 71 million procurement program. 

The Myanmar Air Force has received 9-10 Mi-35P helicopters during 2010-2011. Russia has provided information to the Office of  United Nations Office Disarmament Commission(UNDC) that have export 4 attack helicopters Mi-35P to Myanmar in 2010, and an additional 4 units in 2011 totaled 8. 

Myanmar Air Force has led the attack helicopter Mi-35P into combat first real mission to attack a stronghold armed Kachin KIA in Kachin State, northern border with China. 2013 and many other combat areas, such as in Shan State.

The Myanmar Mi-35P will be equipped with two 30mm twin air cannon at the right side of the gun. The S-5 57mm rockets and the S-8 rockets are not deployed on the 80mm beam side beam. The Mi-35P's new TV/FLIR camera installation adds point-and-shoot capabilities. It is also possible to increase the capability of using air-to-surface missiles (such as 9M120 Ataka), which has never been used by the Myanmar Army.


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  1. bole nich mi 35 kite di upgrade flir jg. spy bisa ngeker lbh presisi.

  2. Bisa dipake syuting juga... :p
    Btw, Ataka penerbad tuh pernah diuji tembak/belum sih?

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