22 Agustus 2009

Brunei Air Force Plans to Change New Helicopters

22 Agustus 2009

Bell 412 EP of the NYPD (photo : Moose)

Brunei KLS Report: Brunei National Defense White Paper in 2007 revealed that the Royal Brunei Air Force helicopters on the future size of the building and plans to replace No. 1 squadron of Bell 212 and Bell 214ST helicopters.

In accordance with the National Defense White Paper that the future of Brunei Air Force helicopters can be a civilian procurement specifications and install the helicopter mission-related packages, which use more than the whole army helicopter procurement, but also to achieve budgetary savings.

Earlier reports said that the Brunei plans to US-made S-70 helicopter to replace Bell 212 and Bell 214ST helicopters. At present, the Bell 212 and Bell 214ST helicopters to assume mission includes search and rescue, personnel transport, injuries medicine transport, VIP transport and firepower.

In BRIDEX 2009, the United States to Brunei Bell 412EP helicopters to carry out marketing and BRIDEX also performed during the flight.


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