31 Agustus 2009

Jordan's Exports to Brunei, AL-THALAB Long-Range Patrol Vehicles

31 Agustus 2009

Al Thalab - Jordan's long range patrol vehicles (photo : Adrianstomcat)

KLS Brunei Report: Jordan, Brunei KADDB Design Bureau confirmed that it will export a number of AL-THALAB Remote patrol vehicles.

Sources said that Brunei government as early as two or three months before the signing of the purchase agreement, but refused to disclose sources of procurement.

Rear view of Al Thalab 4x4 (photo : Adrianstomcat)

With the news that, AL-THALAB 4X4 long-range patrol vehicle (LRPV) can be used for border patrol, reconnaissance, anti-terrorism purposes, but can also be used to perform operational tasks, such as weapons carrier platform, to provide the necessary fire support units.

Sources said, AL-THALAB without supplies in the circumstances, the implementation of its mandate as long as 10 days or travel 1,500 kilometers.

Relations with Muslim countries, Brunei and Jordan enjoy a very close relationship that whenever two of the grand event, Jordan's King and Wenlaisudan would attend. As this time BRIDEX 2009, Jordan's King Abdullah II, or even in person to attend the opening ceremony.


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