19 Agustus 2009

France to Promote Brunei SHERPA 3 Special Vehicles

19 Agustus 2009

Renault Trucks Defense's Sherpa 3 (photo : KLSReview)

Brunei KLS reports: France Renault (Renault) to Brunei to promote war with SHERPA 3 special vehicles, and with Turkey as FNSS arrange a SHERPA 3, a day with the ACV-300 is to display motor vehicles.

KLS Renault personnel that countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei are the potential market for Renault, which is why Renault so positive.

INDODEFENCE during 2008, France is the same Indonesia SHERPA 3A show the real vehicle, Renault can be seen in Southeast Asian countries attach great importance to the market.

It is understood that Brunei SHERPA 3 Army will be evaluated. Brunei is the Renault customers, the army units equipped with 50.


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