13 Agustus 2009

CEA-FAR Trials Success

13 Aug 2009

HMAS Perth - All Anzac frigates will undergo the anti-ship missile defence program, including the addition of CEA Technologies' phased array radar, provided sea trials on the first ship are successful. (photo : Australian Defence)

The Government has agreed to put all of the Anzac ships through the anti-ship missile defence (ASMD) program, subject to the successful outcome of sea trials on the first ship.

The ASMD program involves a comprehensive upgrade of the Anzac frigates, including the addition of innovative phased array radar technology designed and built by Australian company, CEA Technologies.

The Government has announced that it is committed to completing the development and trials of this highly innovative Australian-designed technology at a cost of $158 million.

This is the first lightweight application of such technology and, if successful, will deliver an enhanced search and track and target illumination capability in the maritime environment.

In a very encouraging outcome for the development of this high-technology system, the prototype radar has performed beyond expectations throughout the testing and evaluation process.

Over the last 12 months, the practical demonstration of the CEA-FAR phased array radar technology has provided confidence that the new acquisition strategy will maximise the integrity and maturity of the system before beginning the first ship installation in 2010.

The first Anzac ship to undergo the upgrade is HMAS Perth which is scheduled to complete sea trials in July 2011.

(Australian Defence)

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