18 Agustus 2009

Turkey to Sell Brunei ACV-300

18 Agustus 2009

FNSS - ACV-300 (photo : KLSReview)

Brunei KLS Report: Turkish army FNSS Brunei marketing to ACV-300 infantry fighting vehicles, and arranged for a ACV-300 infantry fighting vehicles, dynamic cross-country demonstration.

FNSS to KLS confirmed, FNSS positive orders for the Army in Brunei. Brunei plans to form a mechanical armored battalion, and military affairs in accordance with Brunei's local press revealed that Brunei planning to form an armored machinery business, mainly in order to meet the needs of the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

FNSS that once it has obtained orders Brunei, FNSS will DEFTECH cooperation with Malaysia, assembled in Malaysia ACV-300, but ultimately must be, as the Brunei Government whether they agree with the program, completed a number of countries throughout will not agree with them equipment, the national assembly in section 3.

The spokesman said FNSS, especially exhibitors from Turkey to the ACV-300 infantry fighting vehicles, it will stay in Brunei for about about two months, and set at the end of Eid al-Fitr, the Army and Brunei with a series of tests.

Malaysia is currently FNSS made 211 orders for the army, while the Malaysian side again in 2008 an additional 48 orders. Turkey and Malaysia are Muslim countries, and Brunei is also one of Islam, the Brunei Government therefore would not be the final order by Turkey, is worthy of attention.

If the Brunei Government to order the Turkey really, it means that Muslim countries in Southeast Asia, and gradually with the Muslim world of arms-exporting countries to form a close cooperation.

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