28 Agustus 2009

Defense Leads Chong Cabinet Purchase Helicopter

28 Agustus 2009

Bell 412EP of the Thai Armed Force (photo : Airliners)

Cabinet Meeting (Crm.) on 25 Aug 2009 Department of Defense proposed to cabinet approval Thai army headquarters to make cross-year project debt commitments provide helicopter transport to a general number 2 aircraft, the 3-year period from fiscal 2009 to fiscal year 2011 amount of U.S. $ 29,050,000 or approximately 997,577,000 baht. The following fiscal year 2009 expenditure plan of 200 million baht for fiscal year 2010 of Baht 200 million and fiscal year 2011 of 597,577,000 baht.

Department of Defense (Kh.) reported that the program provides 2 aircraft such as helicopter operations program provides a general purpose transport helicopter. Mission of the Thai Army headquarters (Department of military maps) used in the acquisition and development plans. Airport support activities in exploration and stick together international territories. Civil aviation support mission operations in support of transmission maintenance. Turkandar to local officials. Royal support for the project. Help support the mission events, natural disasters, which are Thai Army headquarters procurement stage is not bound within the budget. Budget at cabinet on 27 November 2008 approved the Government and state enterprise debt commitments before the budget over the fiscal year.

Item expense budget for the fiscal year 2009 the total amount of more than 1,000 million baht up to 16 items a total of 33,583.8 million baht, a statement by the 2009 years of 6,310.8 million baht by the Swiss Government and the State Administration for owners. We consider the issues presented. Crm. approval once the case is beyond the project, including providing helicopter transport to a general line of the Ministry of Defense with 1,050 million baht.

The Department of Defense has taken steps in the procurement budget is not binding. The selection of a helicopter of a BELL 412 EP BELL HELICOPTER TEXTRON USA features only as needed. The company has submitted proposals and conditions that benefit the public. Through providing a special way to negotiate the price and the price of 997,577,000 baht excluding customs duties and tax withholding VAT. But as transportation costs through. Location-based operations. Training and other costs. Thai Army headquarters has been allocated for the provision of the May budget. Act fiscal year 2009 the amount of Baht 200 million debt, but still can not make binding budget. Because it offers cabinet. Again by cabinet resolution. On 27 November 2008.

(Thai Rath)

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