05 Agustus 2009

South East Asia Response on China's J-10 Air Refuelling

5 Agustus 2009

J-10 during air refuelling (all photos : China Military Network)

Cheng Wei: China's high-profile public behind the F-10 fighter

Kuala Lumpur : Russian Services researchers Cheng Wei pointed out that Southeast Asian countries may find that the F-10 appeared in the South China Sea, is a military show, but there may be a number of events must pay attention to.

He said that China's national character, they will engage in the hidden strength of this, and less to show off to engage in acts of deterrence.

In his view, from another point of view, this seems to show that the Chinese military transparency in the foreign (at least on the surface of transparent) as.
"Can be found is that the Chinese media released photos from the clear, high saturation, the feeling is the professional photographer."

He said that Western countries would like to please professional photographers were shooting, and shooting weapons, the weapons taken "of the United States and the United States" in order to be widely publicized.

He pointed out that, in the past, Russia and China is extremely conservative in this regard, the leaked photos from the outside world are videotaping, or any photographs.

"Now China and Russia on new weapons are beginning to do professional photography, and then release these photos."

He further disclosed that a high-profile F-10 fighters of the public information There are several advantages of the advanced F-10 is indeed the number of demonstrators outside the role of internal awareness and strengthen the role of patriotic, but not F-10 is the most advanced F-11B or the study of four generations of machines are better, the F-10 high-profile public, you can transfer the public eye.

He pointed out that professional photography with the F-10 fighter planes to photograph beautiful, can be used as propaganda, but also to show goodwill to the outside world, there will be no image of a black box.

Chinese J-10 fighter jets recently in the South China Sea over the refueling of the high-definition pictures, so that a new view of foreigners, that is, China has begun to keep pace with international trends, pay attention to the military public relations operation, and is no longer prevalent in the past, "videotaping the outside world" or just shoot indiscriminately on their up-to-date way of armaments.


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Southeast Asian Countries Interested in China's Jian-10 Fighter Planes Appeared in the South China Sea Incident
Kuala Lumpur : some countries in Southeast Asia KLS diplomatic source told reporters that their high-profile deal with China's Jian-10 fighter planes appeared in the South China Sea to conduct air refueling events is concerned, and described it as very "interesting" things.

In addition, some diplomats believe that such high-profile China's "propaganda" It definitely has its hidden agenda and the strategic significance of China's intention to "declare" the existence in the South China Sea is substantial.

"Maybe China is also want to show the performance of F-10 fighters for the export of fighter planes, the display performance. However, military and diplomatic point of view, we compare that China would like to declare their military presence and for a number of things, exercises . "

Some diplomats believe that China will do this, it is very natural, because the South China Sea countries, would do the same. "We will do, they will do, it's normal. Is unusual, this time they are using a high-profile publicity the way, notice the world, F-10 in the South China Sea."

Chinese media in the July 28 to make the following reports:
"At 5 o'clock on July 25, 2009, silence, space-Canton Airport is a busy scene of one faction, fighting line-up, maintenance officers and soldiers are training the air and fuel to fly to pre-open. Morning twilight, with the order of the commander, the tanker flew off, a new-type fighters, followed by air refueling training in full swing.
Air Force perennial broad direction of the South China Sea undertake combat missions, to address the planes "flying near", "out of reach" and so far from the sea combat capability constraint "bottleneck", "short-board," they take the initiative to meet the needs of future information warfare, organized to strengthen the backbone of complex electromagnetic environment, low weather conditions at sea under the new fighter air refueling training course Objective To study the research and innovation to improve training methods, one by one to crack problems, and ensure the success of the refueling aircraft docking, enhanced the combat capability of troops far from the sea. ” "

"Liberation Army Daily" in mid-May this year, also this story:
"May 15 in Guangzhou Air Force fighter planes to the South China Sea have been carried out in depth the implementation of fuel, long-range, long-range strike mission, which carried out a number of islands in the South China Sea in depth the implementation of simulation training to launch a missile attack. Foreign analysis is that the Air Force F-Guangzhou -8 operations carried out by way of training, which in late July and the air refueling -10 F is the same purpose. "


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