01 September 2009

Partnership for Landrovers Replacement Bid

1 September 2009

HMMWV - one of Plasan's product (photo : Plasan)

World Leaders Thales and Plasan Partner for Next Generation Vehicles Bid

Israeli company Plasan Sasa - the world leader in armour and survivability systems for military vehicles - is partnering with Thales - a global technology leader for the defence market - to develop a new Light Protected Vehicle for the Australian Army and the international market.

Under Defence project Land 121 Phase 4, the Australian Department of Defence will procure 1,300 PMV-L vehicles and trailers to replace Army's existing fleet of Landrovers. This program will procure four Protected Mobility Vehicles - Light (PMV-L) variants - Command, Liaison, Reconnaissance and Utility - all offering very high levels of protection from small arms fire, mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Deliveries are expected to begin in 2013.

Thales's Land & Joint Systems Division has significant expertise in military and specialist vehicles including combat proven wheeled armoured vehicles, land mine protection technology, high mobility engineering vehicles and all terrain fire fighting vehicles.

Plasan specialises in the development and manufacture of armour systems for the military and commercial market using composite material technologies. The company provides a vast range of systems for military armour and commercial clients worldwide.

"The new partnership between Thales and Plasan leverages world's best practice to provide real Australian capability on the global stage, and creates a team well-equipped to take on local and international challengers," said Ian Irving, Thales Australia's Land & Joint Systems Division Vice President.

"Thales and Plasan are bringing the very best design and armour technologies to the project. Plasan's strengths, combined with our many years of experience with the successful Bushmaster program here in Australia, offer the Defence Materiel Organisation and the Australian Defence Force a strong team with unrivalled expertise.

"Plasan is adding considerable capability to the Australian project team in protection system design, rapid prototyping, and testing and evaluation for our next generation vehicle development for Australia's Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light (PMV-L) requirement."

Plasan VP international sales and marketing Noam Hen said: "After extensive analysis of the market, we came to a very clear conclusion that Thales was the only company able to design and manufacture world class protected mobility vehicles in Australia."

"The success of the Bushmaster shows Thales can deliver effective solutions to the Australian Defence Force, and we are looking forward to incorporating our technologies and expertise into their next generation vehicle."

(Thales Australia)

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Boeing Joins Thales's Bid for Australian Army Vehicle Program
1 September 2009

Thales today announced that it has secured Boeing to provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to Thales's bid for the Australian Army's LAND 121 Phase 4 program.

LAND 121, also known as Project Overlander, will replace the Army's fleet of logistic support vehicles. Phase 4 will provide armoured light mobility vehicles to improve the safety of deployed troops.

Thales is offering a Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light (PMV-L) for Land 121 Phase 4.

Boeing subsidiary Boeing Defence Australia will provide Thales's vehicle with ILS, a technique which ensures the supportability of an equipment item during its design and development. The end goal of ILS is to create systems that last longer and require less support, thereby saving costs by achieving a higher return on long-term investments.

"Boeing Defence Australia is a leader in this field, and our collective strength means we will be highly competitive in this bid," said Ian Irving, Vice President of Thales Australia's Land & Joint Systems Division.

"We have taken significant expertise from around the world and combined it with our many years of experience with the successful Bushmaster program to offer the Commonwealth, the Defence Materiel Organisation and the Australian Defence Force a solution that meets LAND 121 Phase 4 requirements," Mr Irving added.

"The partnership between Boeing Defence Australia and Thales Australia creates a strong and well-equipped team that uses both companies' best practices to provide the leading incountry ILS solution for Land 121 Phase 4," said John Duddy, Boeing Defence Australia Vice President and Managing Director. "We will draw on our excellence in supply chain modelling, 3-D interactive technical publications and global supply chain management when tailoring requirements to fully complement Thales's PMV-L design."

"This partnership is all about delivering world-class capability to the Australian Defence Force," Mr Irving said. "Our highly skilled workforce in Bendigo, Victoria, already provides unrivalled local expertise in delivering protected mobility solutions. We are now in a position to offer even more capability to our customers, covering the entire development and supply chain process."

(Thales Australia)

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