17 September 2009

Saab Celebrates First Flight of Thai Fighter

17 September 2009

JAS-39 Gripen D of the RTAF (photo : Gripen International)

Thailand’s first of at least six Saab Gripen C/Ds has made its first flight from the Swedish manufacturer’s Linköping facility.

Flown by a Saab test pilot, the two-seat Gripen D completed its 80min debut sortie on 16 September.

“The Royal Thai Air Force will start their training on Gripen in Sweden next year, and the fighters will be delivered to Thailand in 2011,” says Saab.

Gripen D - two seat version Gripen of RTAF (photo : Gripen International)

Sweden signed a production deal with Thailand in 2008 to supply the nation’s air force with six Gripens, plus two Saab 340s – one to be used for transport and training purposes, and the other configured with Saab Microwave Systems’ Erieye airborne early warning and control radar.

Bangkok had intended to place a follow-on order for a second batch of six Gripens earlier this year, but has suspended the move due to political and economic factors.

(Defense News)

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  1. Pesawat paling irit dikelasnya... Meskipun hanya pesan 6 unit, sdh jadi langkah maju buat Thailan AF. Ditambah 340aew pula!