03 September 2009

New Infantry Carrier Vehicle for Singapore Army

03 September 2009

The Terrex ICV charging ahead to deliver troops close to the frontline. (photo : Mindef)

Networked infantry carrier vehicle gives SAF sharper edge in urban warfare

Fully-armoured and equipped with the latest combat technology, the 24-tonne Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) is the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF's) latest acquisition as it advances to become a 3rd Generation fighting force.

Fitted with the Battlefield Management System (BMS), the Terrex ICV is networked to other air and land assets such as infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, artillery platforms, attack helicopters and fighter aircraft.

Terrex ICV during a tactical demonstration at the Army Open House (photo : Cyberpioneer)

"With the Terrex ICV, we can better bring all the SAF's combat resources to sustain and support the infantryman at the sharp end of the fight," said Colonel (COL) Lim Hock Yu, Chief Infantry Officer and Commanding Officer, 9th Division/Infantry (9 Div/Inf).

Purpose-built for urban warfare, the Terrex ICV will be instrumental in overcoming some of the challenges that infantrymen face when fighting in built-up areas.

"In urban environments, soldiers have decreased situational awareness, poor intelligence on the enemies' movement and location, amongst other things. In particular, they are vulnerable to ambush," explained COL Lim.

Detail of Terrex ICV (image : Strait Times)

To increase situational awareness for infantry troops, the BMS-enabled Terrex ICV will interface with the Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS) to constantly update infantry troops on enemy movement and location. With a better picture of the operating environment and key battlefield information provided by BMS, soldiers can call for support from air and land forces to coordinate manoeuvres and deliver precision fire on enemy targets.

The ACMS is basically personnel gear retrofitted with an array of sensors, portable computers and smart weaponry that links the wearer to other friendly forces and assets.

In addition to providing battlefield information, the Terrex ICV can also hunt for the enemy. The Weapon Detection System (WDS) on board determines the location of enemy fire by computing sound data gathered by an array of microphones on the vehicle. This information is then shared with other friendly forces via the BMS network.

The Remote Controlled Weapon System (on top of the Terrex ICV) can acquire targets and fire at them, while its crew remains safely within the vehicle (photo : Cyberpioneer)

Terrex ICV in action during a tactical demonstration at the Army Open House
"The Terrex ICV and BMS connects all the combat power of the SAF so that the soldier in the field is fully linked to other friendly forces. At the same time, it gives the soldier all the information he needs to make decisions and for commanders to direct the battle," said Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) Oh Beng Soon, Senior Project Officer, 9 Div/Inf.

Developed by Singapore Technologies Kinetics for the SAF, the Terrex ICV can carry up to 13 soldiers, inclusive of its driver and commander, at speeds of up to 105kmh on normal terrain.

Terrex ICV during a tactical demonstration at the Army Open House (photo : Cyberpioneer)

It will be launched by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean on 5 Sep at Pasir Laba Camp during the Army Open House from 3 to 7 Sep.

The SAF will acquire at least 135 Terrex ICVs. From Feb next year, all active infantry and guards battalions will begin training to operate from the vehicle.


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Soldiers equipped with the ACMS exiting the Terrex ICV to take out enemy forces encamped in a nearby building. (photo : Mindef)

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has chosen the Terrex infantry carrier vehicle (ICV), a mine-resistant vehicle that supports enhanced communication between land and air troops in urban warfare.

The ICV, which is designed to withstand mine blasts, will provide air and land surveillance, and locate enemy targets through an all-round camera equipment and navigation system.

Terrex ICV in action during a tactical demonstration at the Army Open House (photo : Cyberpioneer)

The vehicle's battlefield management system enables accurate information to be exchanged with other SAF forces, which helps accurately coordinate attacks on targets by air and on land.

The vehicle also features all-round camera surveillance, enhanced firepower and a weapon detection system to locate enemy fire.

The SAF plans to acquire at least 150 vehicles and will train its infantry troops on the Terrex ICVs in February 2010.

(Army Technology)

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