08 September 2009

Thailand Research on Military Rocket

08 September 2009

Visit the Research and Development and Prototype Production Line of Military Rocket

Capt Lewis, Dr Bora beautiful young director of research and development and wishes Dr. Thep Nisamni Phong, director of knowledge and concepts Institute of Technology Faculty of the defense staff, visits to research and development and prototype production line of military rocket. They listen to the earnings release, as well as watch demonstrations of static test rocket segments used in defense.

(all photos : DTI Thai)

Along with the laboratory visit, Research and development strategist Thomas Pakorn of scientific research and technological development and space flight, Air Force with Air Marshal Apichart honorable director, life sciences, aerospace research and development of Air Force Space and air force, Bachelor's degree glorify Epe Chr Deputy Director of Science, Technology and Research development aerospace Air Force.

(Defense Technology Institute)

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