10 September 2009

Caribou Retired : 45 Years Service

10 September 2009

A4-210 DHC-4 Caribou aircraft of No. 38 Squadron practices touch and go manoeuvres for currency purposes at RAAF Base Townsville. (photo : DefenceGovAu)

End of The Horizon for Our Caribou

The iconic DHC-4 Caribou will take a hard earned retirement from the Air Force this December, following 45 years of service to Australia.

Aircrew tow A4 -299 DHC-4 Caribou aircraft of No. 38 Squadron back to the flight line at RAAF Base Townsville after a day of touch and go manoeuvres. (photo : DefenceGovAu)

The aircraft, operated by No. 38 Squadron at RAAF Base Townsville, has a busy schedule of activity before retirement, including appearances at Defence Air Displays in Townsville (September 26) and Wagga (October 18), and training exercises in Papua New Guinea.


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