16 September 2009

Malaysia Requires a Minimum of Eight Missile Frigates

16 September 2009
F-2000 frigates (photo : KLSR)

KLS reported Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Armed Forces, announced its eight missile frigates, the Navy's minimum requirements for the number!

Malaysia addition to submarines, guided missile frigate of the demand is very keen. In the last century, 90 years to obtain two "Happy Hill" grade (F-2000) guided missile frigate, its government again in 2006 to the British BAE Systems awarded two new missile frigate purchase a letter of intent, and called the second Batch frigate.

Nevertheless, the Navy guided missile frigate's appetite seems to have not met, several former Navy commander has pointed out that Malaysia requires a minimum of 6 in order to maintain uninterrupted in all patrol the Malaysian waters, monitoring the task.

Helpless, the guided missile frigate of the cost of expensive, the higher the requirements of the mission, the cost is correspondingly increased, leading to the government every 10 years is still unable to purchase two guided missile frigates. For example, the Navy guided missile frigate of the second batch (left, LIMA 2007) needs are, we must have the regional air defense capability, equipped with 12 vertical launch system, hair ESSM, but its cost is expected to be more than 5 billion ringgit.

Aziz will meet the commander in chief of the armed forces accounted for 76 anniversary of the founding of the armed forces to answer KLS's inquiry, said: "the sake of discussion, we need more than 8 guided missile frigate!"

He explained: "In order to enable us to efficiently and economically operate a warship, and even 24 hours a day monitoring and covering the wide seas, this is the number of minimum requirements."

In view of guided missile frigate expensive, MA David, the actual Naval Shipbuilding (Boustead Naval Shipyard) on the proposed program of 112 guided missile frigate (FFG 112), then the government has been striving for recognition and contracts.

But the real treasure was the wishful thinking can not started, Ards accounted tactfully refused to Po, the actual proposals and suggest that the company should focus on completion of the first batch 1 and 2, a new generation of patrol craft program.

He said: "At present, BNS focus on the completion of the first batch of six new generation patrol vessel construction program, as well as to prepare for the next Malaysia Plan to build another batch of patrol boats."

"Armed forces have always supported the local defense industry, and to ensure that industry can provide the best quality. We have been trying to ensure that the tax money spent on the necessary field of national defense, as well as get the best return on investment."


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