23 September 2009

Thailand Approves Hundreds Million $ Defence Package

23 September 2009

Sikorsky Seahawk ASW helicopter (photo: Defense Industry Daily)

Tech Crm. statements to MOD, withdraw over year "is billion".

Depth resolution: "Mark" does not delight in mice Crm overturn the green light open defense budget over the year. "Count billion" to buy weapons, all military plentifully.

Mr. Supachai be Deputy PM Spokesman Annual Ocean Prime Minister Earnings Conference Cabinet (Crm.) that Crm approved form of debt obligation over the year Royal Navy, Royal Thai Army headquarters. The Department of Defense (Kh.) to offer From cabinet Approved the Navy Cross-bound form of debt year development capabilities in beating Atlanta submarine Corp. Peter seize a submarine SEA HAWK price excluding customs duties. However, VAT and all costs, the amount of 989,985,400 baht of 3-year period from fiscal year 2009-2011 the 3-year period from fiscal 2009 to fiscal year 2011 spending plans by the year 2011 of Baht 197,997,080 Total 386,094,306 Fiscal year 2010 U.S. and fiscal year 2011 of 405,894,014 baht last year.

The Department of Defense reported that the project is Atlanta Development Corp. Peter seize a submarine SEA HAWK of the Navy stationed in a number 6 with the ability to complete the requirements specified in the suppression of submarine missions with Navy warship in the role of liquid anti-national sovereignty of the sea, and prevent the use of anti-submarine division of contrast effectively. Mr. Supachai said, also in the Navy cabinet, the Navy approved the form of debt obligation over year. Program provides onshore patrol vessel of 3 ships operations 3-year period from fiscal year 2009 to 2011 Baht 1,603,177,084.27 line with the budget plan is the year 2009 of 314 million baht the year 2010 of 628 million baht and the year. 2011 Total 661,177,084.27 Baht. MOD reported that the Navy has programs for treatment of side missions patrol vessels, prevent infiltration, protect fishing boats, prevention and protection of natural resources in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea, law enforcement authority in the sea assignments. It is significant that the Navy Department which will be operating continuously in the evening peace and war times, as well as offering security to the royalty.

"Budget Office determined that the project is providing the replacement boat near the onshore patrol vessel T. 11 sets to the Navy discharge years 2009-2013 the number of Navy has 6 ships by providing alternative access to the ID number was 3 ships in fiscal year 2006-2007 the remaining 3 ships will also perform this ".

Isuzu FST 4X4 (photo : Truckworld)

Mr. Supachai said Crm also approved in the Army. Presented by the Department of Defense to create cross-fiscal year debt obligation program provides automotive cable arms, type size 2 car carried a half ton 4x4 Isuzu brand, the FST model vehicles that feature unique needs and to support units in the Army and a powerful mission of 1474 cars with the time. The 4 years since 2009-2012, with plans to limit 4,994,649,000 U.S. is spending the 2009-2010 fiscal year installment 1 billion the year 2011 of 1.5 billion baht and the year 2012 of Baht 1,494,649,000. MOD reports that the project is providing military rate the Army to provide military has not yet reached the replacement rate and the same old outdated military has been distributed to government for a long time in order to meet the Army's mission to reach as assigned.

In the statement the Bureau is of the opinion that the project such for use in transporting troops, baggage and tow trucks to distribute military unit under the Army to be held and the rate of replacement of the beginning of the long life of more than 40 years. The Army needs a total of 8924 cars and 5845 cars use the regular decomposition, deterioration used cars 3647, used cars only 2188 are no longer rate of 3079 vehicles.

Deputy government spokesman also announced that it and the last cabinet, also approved to make the Thai military headquarters across fiscal debt obligation program provides replacement vehicles and machinery. The 4-year period from fiscal year 2009-2012 amount of 3,049,536,380 baht. With spending plans, the fiscal year 2009-2010 is the year of 610,856,800 baht the year 2011 of Baht 814,475,700 and the fiscal year 2012 of Baht 1,013,347,080. MOD reports that the project is providing vehicles and machinery to bring a new replacement, the existing use has a long decay and deterioration, can not make the project work of agencies helping people, project due Royal. As well as other special projects work effectively, it also makes waste, high maintenance budget, if not provide replacement.


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