07 September 2009

Singapore Unveils Mine-Sweeping Vehicles

07 September 2009
New National Army's new mine-clearing vehicle "Pioneer." (photo : KLSR)

New National Army to Display the "Pioneers" Mine-Sweeping Vehicles

KLS Singapore stories: Singapore Army in 2009, the Army exhibition, showing the "pioneer" (TRAILBLAZER) tracked mine clearance vehicles, developed entirely by ST Kinetics.

"Pioneer" mine-sweeping vehicles used BIONIX armored fighting vehicles with low disk, it installed a chain of blow-style mine-clearing device (mine flail system), a rolling chain punching mine to detonate mines.

"Pioneers" of the chain of blow-style mine-clearing device, it will punch a rolling chain mine to detonate mines. (photo : KLSR)

It is understood that device in the "pioneer" mine car chains, sash chains that can destroy an average 20 anti-personnel mines, but if it is to remove anti-tank mines, then each chain can only be the destruction of three anti-tank mines.

Mine hit in the chain-type rolling device line, the speed of over 100 kilometers, at a certain rolling speed, the operator would delegate roll chain punching mine, the combat strength (hit impact) close to 1,000 kg.

"Pioneer" mine-sweeping vehicles Armored vehicles used BIONIX lower plate. (photo : KLSR)

Repairs and maintenance, the sources alleged that its maintenance is fairly simple, if the chains can no longer use, as long as the replacement of chains on it.

"Pioneer" mine-sweeping vehicles on both sides have also installed a "road marking dynamical systems" (Kinetics Route Indication System), to conduct mine-clearance operations in mine-sweeping vehicles, it will automatically plummet against the ground, marked routes, so that you can follow the team behind have been marked signs of progress. So since the team would not have strayed into the rear of other areas of the mine without.

"Pioneers" of the cockpit armor protection. (photo : KLSR)

The new State of the Corps, said in the past 100 meters in clearing mined areas, and often must use a row or equal to 27 troops clear the minefields, the time required for about 4.5 hours, and the de-miners have to face the threat of enemy attacks.

However, with the "pioneers", the 100-meter minefield clearance takes about 15 minutes, and the de-miners do not need to face the threat of enemy attacks, because they do not get off to demining activities, all operations are able to withstand a 7.62 mm machine guns in armored cockpit to complete.

"Pioneer" just a driver and an operator, it can operate, but the cockpit is also equipped with 7.62 mm machine gun.


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