28 Oktober 2009

Australia’s Kiowa Changed for Tiger

28 Oktober 2009

Bell 206 Australian Defence Force (photo : Airliners)

The Australian Army’s 1st Aviation Regiment has swopped its Kiowas for Tigers

The Australian Army’s 1st Aviation Regiment marked the retirement of its fleet of Bell 206B-1 Kiowa helicopters with a flypast over its base at Robertson Barracks near Darwin.

The Kiowa, regarded as the ‘workhorse’ of the Australian Army, has been replaced by the Eurocopter Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter on the battlefield. Regiment executive officer Major Brett Whitcombe said: "It changes the Regiment from a battlefield support role to a true combat role – the Kiowa had no weaponry systems and was used for reconnaissance, whereas the Tiger is a world-class fighting machine.

”The Kiowa will continue to be used in the training role – the Army has 37 examples on strength with five in storage. Twenty-two Tiger ARHs have been bought for the frontline.

(Air Force Monthly)

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