20 Oktober 2009

Safe Flight to Provide Powerline Detection System on Enstrom Helicopters for Thailand Army

20 Oktober 2009
Enstrom 480B (photo : Rotor)

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has selected Safe Flight to provide the Powerline Detection System (PDS) on its turbine 480B helicopters for the Thailand Army. In addition, the Powerline Detection System will be sold to all other Enstrom 480 and 480B Operators as a production option or as a retrofit.

Safe Flight has applied to the FAA for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Enstrom 480 and 480B. A system has been supplied to Enstrom for installation and developmental flight testing which is to begin shortly with certification expected in the 1 st quarter of 2010.

Safe Flight offers both a 50 Hz. and 60Hz. system. Installation is based on the location of the aircraft operations and the power source in that geographic region. Safe Flight and Enstrom will certify both systems allowing for global distribution and offer the system to its customers as a production option and as a retrofit.

Safe Flight’s Powerline Detection System is a small, lightweight system that alerts the aircraft pilot and crew when approaching an energized power line. The system detects the electromagnetic field that radiates from the lines and alerts the pilot with both a visual and aural warning. As the aircraft approaches the danger the aural warning intensifies allowing the pilot to avoid contact with the hazard.

Safe Flight’s PDS has been FAA and EASA certified and is currently operating around the globe. Unlike traditional wire cutters that are intended to cut power lines and add significant weight and structural requirements to an airframe, Safe Flight’s PDS system weights less than 3 pounds installed and is designed to avoid contact altogether. The installation requirements are minimal and can be performed by any reputable avionics shop. Safe Flight offers an installation kit that provides all the required installation hardware, including the antenna and installation data.

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