18 Oktober 2009

Indonesia Buys Eight Jets Embraer Super Tucano

18 Oktober 2009

Embraer Super Tucano (photo : AR15)

Indonesia buys eight jets Embraer Super Tucano Agreement between Brazil and the U.S. could open the U.S. market

Embraer has just closed the sale of eight jets Super Tucano aircraft of advanced training and light attack aircraft for the Air Force of Indonesia. The information was disclosed yesterday (15 Oct '09) by the Air Force commander, Brigadier Juniti Saito, certification event for the sub-orbital rocket VSB-30 and test engine sounding rocket VS-40, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) Sao Jose dos Campos.

Embraer, sought by value, said, through a spokesperson, would not comment on the transaction. With this new contract of sale, the third international supply of the Super Tucano in 2009, aircraft orders this year totaling 40 units. Sales of the model now totaling 177 units, of which 100 have been delivered, and 75 for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and 25 for Colombia.

The value of the contract with Indonesia was not disclosed, but the basic version of the Super Tucano costs about $ 10 million. The growth in sales of the Super Tucano should also increase the participation of defense in sales and CEO. In 2008, for example, the aircraft was responsible for more than half of exports of this segment of the company, which amounted to U $ 504 million.

The aircraft, according to the commander Saito, receives royalties from the sale of the Super Tucano, once funded the development of the aircraft and acquired 99 units, a project valued at U.S. $ 449.7 million. Sales of jet Brazilian defense and attack can still take a big leap this year, where the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to decide on the purchase of an initial batch of 100 aircraft. The feasibility of the business, according to Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, depends on the formalization of an agreement of cooperation in defense, which is being sewn between Brazil and the United States government.

"The proposal for a framework agreement between the two countries in this area is being examined now by the Foreign Ministry and I intend to accelerate this process today at a meeting with Foreign Minister Celso Amorim." According to Jobim, the interest of the U.S. government by the Super Tucano was reaffirmed during a recent visit of the representative of the Secretary of State of that country to Brazil. "There is the possibility of buying direct, no-bid, up to 200 aircraft," he said.

Cockpit of Super Tucano (photo : flickr-fotos de aviones)

The Captain Saito said that the Super Tucano is already being evaluated by the U.S. Navy for over a year, with a model purchased from Embraer in 2008. "There is already a sign of the U.S. government to buy the Super Tucano, if the cooperation agreement with Brazil is signed." Minister Jobim said that the choice of the jet by the Air Force has nothing to do with the acquisition of fighter aircraft in the F-X2 program.

"They are two separate things," he said. Irrespective of this Agreement, the Company participates in the selection process initiated by the USAF in late July, for the purchase of 100 aircraft turboprop light attack, in the category of the Super Tucano. Embraer is considered by industry experts as a big favorite in the competition, because the Super Tucano is the only model in the world with proven operation in anti-guerrilla missions in Colombia, which has 25 aircraft in its fleet.

In January, the Dominican Republic has bought eight of the Super Tucano aircraft and Ecuador has acquired an additional 24 units. The agreement with the Ecuadorian Air Force (SAF) includes a suite of Integrated Logistics Support (the acronym in English ILS) and an Advanced Support System for Training and Operation (TOSS), which includes not only aircraft but also stations ground support and a flight simulator.

In August 2008, Embraer announced the sale of 12 Super Tucano to the Chilean Air Force (FACh). The first aircraft delivery is scheduled for November 3. The first international sale of the Super Tucano was made to the Colombian Air Force in 2006. The contract, worth U.S. $ 235 million included the purchase of 25 aircraft and a package of training and support to the operation of jet similar to that acquired by Ecuador.


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